Encrypt your data on Dropbox with EncFS

"EncFS is a Free (GPL) FUSE-based cryptographic filesystem that transparently encrypts files, using an arbitrary directory as storage for the encrypted files."

+ easy setup
+ isolated corruption of data as individual files are encrypted not the whole directory tree
- files information (how many files, their sizes and permissions) is "public"

# install encfs and fuse
sudo apt-get install fuse-utils encfs
# add fuse module to Linux Kernel
sudo modprobe fuse
# add fuse to end of /etc/modules to autoload fuse module
sudo nano /etc/modules
# add your self to fuse group
sudo adduser <user> fuse
# paths have to be absolute, alternatively ~ can be used
encfs ~/Dropbox/.encrypted/ ~/encfs/
# configure cipher algorithm, block size, filename encoding etc.
# or you can go with default configuration just by pressing [Enter]
# unmount
fusermount -u ~/encfs
# to mount again
encfs ~/Dropbox/.encrypted/ ~/encfs/

1 comment:

  1. The Encfs save ".encfs6.xml" file on encrypted storage, here is stored encryption settings.
    Don't forget backup this one!